Biology of Trauma 3.0 Summit – Trauma Healing Accelerated Review

Event Name: Biology of Trauma 3.0
Event Date: August 1–7, 2023.
Event Cost: FREE to Attend Online

The Biology of Trauma 3.0 Summit, hosted by Aimie Apigian, MD, MS, MPH, offers a transformative journey towards healing and freedom.

This groundbreaking summit gathers over 40 world-leading experts in Trauma Therapy, Neuroscience, Functional Medicine, Mental Health, Psychology, and Physiology.

With a focus on understanding and managing trauma’s physical manifestations, this summit empowers participants with the tools and knowledge to address trauma and foster a healthier, more resilient self.

What is the Biology of Trauma 3.0 Summit?

The Biology of Trauma 3.0 Summit is an online event that aims to uncover the intricate relationship between trauma and its impact on our bodies and minds.

It delves into the root causes of physical manifestations of trauma, such as chronic pain, autoimmune conditions, and digestive issues.

The summit provides attendees with valuable insights, techniques, and resources to identify and address trauma, ultimately facilitating deep healing and lasting recovery.

What You’ll Learn from the Biology of Trauma 3.0 Summit

Throughout the seven-day event, participants will have the opportunity to learn from an array of experts who will shed light on various aspects of trauma healing.

From understanding the role of breathwork and the vagus nerve in healing to decoding epigenetics and utilizing powerful depotentiation techniques, each day will bring valuable lessons to foster personal growth and wellness.

Benefits of Attending the Biology of Trauma 3.0 Summit

  1. Rewiring Trauma Patterns: Discover how to release stored trauma and protect your emotional well-being, enabling you to break free from limiting narratives.
  2. Recognizing Physical Manifestations of Trauma: Learn to identify key indicators of overwhelm and develop effective strategies for trauma release.
  3. Integrating Biology into Trauma Therapy: Choose the right trauma therapy tools for faster, better results, and respond effectively to your body’s signals.
  4. Enhancing Sleep and Lowering Inflammation: Rewire your nervous system for health and aliveness, improving sleep quality and overall well-being.
  5. Transforming Trauma for a Healthier You: Move beyond trauma-informed models and embrace growth and wellness.

Daily Schedule

The summit spans seven days, with each day featuring a unique set of expert speakers covering a wide range of trauma-related topics. Participants will explore stress resilience, functional freeze states, the gut-brain axis, DNA repair, and much more.

About Your Hosts – Aimie Apigian, MD, MS, MPH:

Dr. Aimie Apigian, a double board-certified physician and leading expert on the Biology of Trauma™, is the founder of the Trauma Healing Accelerated Organization.

Her extensive knowledge in neuro-autoimmunity, nutrition, and genetics for addictions, mental health, mood, and behavioral disorders, makes her an authoritative voice in functional medicine and trauma therapy.

Dr. Apigian’s personal experiences as a survivor and an adoptive parent have shaped her unique approach to trauma healing, offering the missing piece in understanding the mind-body connection.

Her mission is to bring the biology piece of trauma work to global medical and mental health education systems by 2041, empowering one million individuals to accelerate their trauma healing journey.


The Biology of Trauma 3.0 Summit is a life-changing event, providing the knowledge and tools needed to understand and address trauma’s physical manifestations.

Under Dr. Apigian’s guidance and with the expertise of renowned speakers, participants will embark on a path to healing and freedom. Register for free today and take the first step towards a healthier, more resilient you.