Grow Your Own Groceries Summit 2023

If you’ve ever experienced the pinch at the grocery store and witnessed prices soaring, you may be contemplating a change. Well, now is the ideal time to make that change!

Enter the 2023 Grow Your Own Groceries Summit, organized by the Grow Network, which provides a wealth of information to help take control of your food supply. Bid farewell to grocery store concerns and say hello to the satisfaction of growing fresh and nutritious food at home.

This unique food summit brings together respected experts who, like the rest of us, desired positive change. The best part? Their advice applies to everyone, regardless of their skill level or garden size.

Whether you possess a small patio garden, reside in the city, or live in an apartment, the presentations offer practical solutions that can be implemented in one’s own life.

Are you ready to embark on the journey of growing your own food, or perhaps you’re simply curious and eager to learn more? There’s no better time than the present to delve into the realm of homegrown goodness.

And what’s more? The summit is completely free! So, grab your complimentary ticket now, and explore the exciting possibilities of cultivating your own flavorful and nourishing harvest.

Experts & Topics Covered at the Grow Your Own Groceries Summit

Now, here is a sneak peek at some of the leading experts and the interesting topics they’ll cover during the summit:

  1. Food Preservation and Storage Methods: Jill Winger and Marjory Wildcraft will emphasize the significance of preserving and storing food. They’ll provide invaluable insights and practical tips on maximizing the use of resources effectively.
  2. Maximizing the Use of Chickens in Your Homestead: Lisa Steele and Marjory Wildcraft will engage in an insightful conversation about the integral role of chickens and eggs in a homestead. They’ll explore making the most out of available resources and utilizing chickens to their full potential.
  3. Growing Food in Small Spaces: Tom Bartels, an expert in optimizing productivity in limited areas, will share wisdom on viewing one’s garden as a mini ecosystem, promoting diversity, and maximizing small-scale food production potential.
  4. Healing, Spirituality, and Communing with the Divine through Gardening: Stacey Murphy and Marjory Wildcraft will delve into the spiritual and healing aspects of gardening. They’ll explore how it can connect individuals with the divine, creating a thought-provoking and soul-nurturing discussion.
  5. Beginner-Proof Foraging: Scott Sexton will equip you with essential knowledge about foraging for edible plants. Discover Scott’s top recommendations of over 12 wild edible plants and learn how to safely identify and utilize them. He’ll also share crucial tips, including the berry color one should never consume.

Summit Host

Marjory Wildcraft, the visionary behind The Grow Network, leads a vibrant community of over half a million self-sufficiency enthusiasts. With her groundbreaking book, The Grow System, she empowers individuals to reclaim the earth through homegrown food.

As a passionate “backyard researcher,” Marjory’s relentless experimentation and shared revelations inspire her ever-growing community.

Bonus Gifts

By registering for the Grow Your Own Groceries Summit today, you not only gain access to these incredible presentations but also receive bonus gifts that further enhance your knowledge and skills.

These include Kami McBride’s 4-Part Video series “Turmeric Sessions,” Jill Winger’s recommended canning resources and heritage cookbook, and Scott Sexton’s Universal Edibility Test eBook, among others.

Don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity to learn, grow, and revolutionize your approach to food! Secure your ticket now and take a step towards a more self-sufficient and fulfilling journey of growing your own groceries.